A note from the owner

Lanark farmhouse from 1900s

A photograph of the original farmhouse on the property back in the day.

These remarks are designed to offer some thoughts about selling New Life Retreat (the business currently run at this property), which was started in 2000.

Quite a few years led up to the point of starting this endeavor – visiting retreats in Canada and the USA, and having it as a new millennium project. The name reflects my experience of New Life returning to me, as I had some health challenges to overcome.

Originally, it was based on Ann Wigmore’s Hippocrates model, which offered a way to detoxify and cleanse the body to help it return to good health, and to empower individuals with the knowledge to make positive change where needed. This resonated with me because it offered the knowledge for prevention against the common diseases that so many are challenged with today. In addition to this, I planned to offer other wellness teachings and group rental space for wellness education retreats.

I can say honestly that this was my life’s work, my purpose to establish and run New Life Retreat and it was an incredible process to undergo. I have felt for two or three years that it is time for me to step back, and it has been my desire that the property would continue in some similar fashion by an individual, couple or group working together, and could be used for personal use as well as a business.

Over the years the retreat has been a great experience in many ways – meeting so many wonderful people as well as facing challenges. New owners could make use of existing infrastructure, as the property and buildings were put together for retreat use. If needed, I would be willing to assist in some capacity to offer any knowledge I could for a period of time, and I would be willing to offer flexible financing to the right buyers for this purpose.

Just to say a few things about the property: the neighbours are great, it’s a very private and quite area, and about half of the property is superb productive organic land for growing food, with lots of log buildings from relatively new to heritage 1830s.

All of that being said, I am open to other uses that this wonderful property could offer. Please see the information posted on this site about other possible uses.